Wolstenholme Elmy Way

Elizabeth is now on the map, officially! The new Congleton link road was named Wolstenholme Elmy Way on 19th April 2021.

Elizabeth’s Group and some friends walked the road on the 18th, the pre-opening day, in suffragist costume, to celebrate the road name. We met lots of members of the public on bikes or walking, and the majority, we were delighted to find, knew exactly who the road was named after! For more pictures, see the Gallery.

Elizabeth’s Group in our Daimler

Then on the opening day we hired a vintage Daimler and drove up the new road as part of the Classic Car Cruise! We were in the company of lots of other classic cars and some novelty ones too, like the Batmobile. We waved streamers in suffragist colours and lots of people lined the road and waved at us. We were particularly happy to see and hear a crowd of children calling out ‘votes for women’ as we drove by!

To top it off we were interviewed, and Elizabeth’s story was featured, in the BBC North West Tonight news report, which you can watch here:

Sculptor Hazel Reeves to deliver Penny Lecture

Hazel Reeves is not only a great sculptor, she is also committed to redressing the lack of women represented in public art, one statue at a time. Before becoming a sculptor Hazel spent many years promoting women’s rights internationally. Now her passion is for telling stories in bronze of struggles for social justice, as she will be doing with our Elizabeth!

Hazel is delivered the Morley College Penny Lecture on 25th March 2021, entitled Statues of Women – The Politics and the Practice.

International Women’s Day 2021

27 February 2021

Elizabeth’s Group has released a new video for International Women’s Day 2021!

Chair Susan Munro talks about her hero Elizabeth and explains her importance in the development of women’s rights.

Without Elizabeth, women would not be able to own property in their own name, vote, hold office or keep the money we earn. Find out more about the ‘Scourge of Parliament’ in this video (suitable for school audiences):

Author Kate Mosse describes Elizabeth as “a great woman”

28 January 2021

Author Kate Mosse has launched a #WomanInHistory campaign on Twitter asking for nominations for the woman in history who inspires you.

Of course, we had to nominate Elizabeth Elmy for her outstanding work and Kate replied with “A great woman, really great to have her nominated.” Thanks Kate, we agree!

Graham Group builders donate towards our Elizabeth statue

27 January 2021

A big thank you to the builders of the link road in Congleton – Graham Group – for their generous donation of £2,000 towards our Elizabeth Elmy statue.

Now we have our sculptor Hazel Reeves on board, it’s full steam ahead to reach our fundraising total and this will certainly help!

If you know of any commercial organisations who would be willing to donate, we’d love to hear from them.

Sculptor announced – Hazel Reeves to sculpt our Elizabeth statue!

21 January 2021

We are so excited to announce that we have our sculptor!

The fantastic Hazel Reeves – who sculpted the bronze Emmeline Pankhurst statue sited in Manchester – has agreed to sculpt our Elizabeth statue.

Here is a video of Hazel talking about the process involved in creating the Emmeline Pankhurst statue:

Talking Elizabeth: “Jane Percy” (based on a true story)

11 November 2020

Our second “Talking Elizabeth” video has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Group trustee Heather Watson brings to life the story of Jane Percy, a performer in Aldershot who is tragically affected by the Contagious Diseases Act of 1864.

Elizabeth campaigned – along with Josephine Butler – to repeal this Act. Find out more in the video: