Pouring Elizabeth’s statue at Bronze Age London
Kaleigh Watterson on Elizabeth’s statue coming to Congleton
Can you help our Sculptor?
Calling young people – help Hazel Reeves by creating a poem, story or picture about Elizabeth!
Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy
Her story, suitable for all ages

The Importance of Statues
Interviews with Sculptor Hazel Reeves, Terri Bell-Halliwell of Invisible Women,
Councillor Andrew Simcock (Manchester) and Councillor Kay Wesley (Congleton)
A conversation with Linda Hulse of Congleton History Society and Congleton Museum
Linda wrote our booklet about Elizabeth’s Life
Elizabeth’s Heritage Trail
In conversation with Elizabeth’s Group Trustee Heather Watson, who created the heritage trail
Interview with Dr Maureen Wright, Elizabeth’s Group Patron
Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy’s biographer talks about why she is passionate about Elizabeth
Learning about Elizabeth
Susan Munro, Elizabeth’s Group Chair, talks about the new Elizabeth booklet and how to learn more
Elizabeth’s Group in Lockdown
How to stay in touch with Elizabeth’s Group online
Our wonderful Patron Dr Maureen Wright talks about Elizabeth for our launch event