Creating the Statue

Sculptor Hazel Reeves has started the process of creating our wonderful statue of Elizabeth.

First, Hazel wrote a briefing document to outline the thinking behind the statue and what characteristics of Elizabeth we might want to bring out, including the following:

Hazel then tried out a few poses herself to let Elizabeth’s Group choose the one that seemed to evoke these characteristics:

Elizabeth’s Group and the inspiration sent in by our supporters helped us pick the pose that we thought best fitted Elizabeth’s character and work.

Next, Hazel worked with her model, Rosie, who is a similar build to Elizabeth, and tried out the pose with clothes similar to Elizabeth’s.

As you can see, we felt that Elizabeth would not be standing about idly or posing in any way, we felt she would be active, walking, and probably addressing some politician in an animated way about what she thought of his latest proposals!

Hence you can see her heel coming out a the back of her skirt as she walks, and her arms are raised, her face lifted in conversation; remember that Elizabeth, at 4’9″, was a lot smaller than the men she lobbied!

Next, Hazel created a maquette using a material called ‘clayette’ that does not fully harden, allowing you to tweak the position slightly as required. This was very hot work and a challenge as the material stayed quite sticky in the summer weather!

Please note that this does not show the final detail of the clothes, hands, or face or other details at this stage, it is just to show a scale model of what the statue and its pose will look like.

Elizabeth’s Group is thrilled with it! We feel that Hazel has already captured Elizabeth’s dynamism and determination. What do you think?


We are still £20K short of our target to finish the statue. PLEASE HELP by joining in with our CROWDFUNDER here:

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